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Breakfast At Tiffany’s Really Is A Thing Now

Nearly 60 years after the film, Tiffany's are cashing in on the Breakfast at Tiffany's concept and are opening a restaurant pop-up at Harrods...

What to do This Weekend

Jump Into The Weekend With These 16 Plans

This weekend, why not spend your time striking a pose at The Wonder Factory, sinking your teeth into an unnecessary amount of drams and donning a kilt for Burns Night, and watching Chiswick House Gardens light up with lanterns.

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Win A Meal At Michelin Starred Restaurant L’Ortolan

Open until 7th March 2020

The Handbook has teamed up with L’Ortolan, Reading’s only Michelin star restaurant to offer one lucky winner a meal for two, from their Gourmond Menu plus a glass of wine each.

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In which area is L’Ortolan the only Michelin starred restaurant?

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

7 Of London’s Best Activity Cafés

From perfecting your pottery making skills, nailing your crochet, or even just beating your boyf at a game of Battleships, here 7 activity cafés to explore in London.

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Health & Wellness

5 New Recipes To Try This Week

From veggie tacos that will transport you from dull January to sunnier climes to wholesome noodle soups and one of the healthiest, three-ingredient desserts you'll ever make, here's what's cooking this week..

Health & Wellness

January’s Coming To An End, Here’s How To Stay Motivated

Many of us end the year with the best intentions of the following one being our best yet. The year we’re going to get ripped in the gym, land that promotion or start saving for a house. But in reality the statistics on new year resolutions are pretty dire. According to a recent study, just 8% of people who made resolutions will see them through to the end of the year and only 25% will make it to the end of January. In short, come 1st January, all of December’s overindulging forces us to make big plans we’re never going […]

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It’s Going To Be In-Tents: 21 UK Summer Music Festivals To Rave About

Ah, the festival. Four days of stomping through thick mud in your brand new bright pink wellies, squelchingly dancing along to your favourite musician in torrential rain and sharing things that are disguised as portaloos with thousands of strangers. Yep, it’s the Brits rite of passage.

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This New “Six Star” Hotel Has A Secret Tunnel Into Harrods!

Imagine a top secret (okay, not so top secret because we're writing about it) tunnel that connects Harrods to a luxury hotel... Okay, you don't need to read the article now.

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Health & Wellness

We Asked A Nutritionist To Debunk These 9 Celebrity Diets

From Atkins to Dukan and even the White Wine Diet, we take a look at the world of A-list diets.

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

29 Places To Eat Out On Valentine’s Day

If you're looking to revive a little romantic spark, or just enjoy any ol' excuse to indulge in London's elaborate restaurant scene, we've rounded up 26 of our favourite spots for the perfect dinner date.

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Celebrities & Influencers

The Top 12 Influencers To Watch In 2020

Now with the rise of new media platforms like TikTok and Twitch paving their way onto our screens, we've rounded together 12 influencers to watch in 2020.

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New York’s 8 Most Instagrammable Bars

The city that never sleeps? Well, if you’re not sleeping then what are you doing? Drinking, obviously! Needless to say, The Big Apple is brimming with eye-catching sights, and  doesn’t cease to impress with its bars, so, we’re inviting you to grab your spirit-of-choice and fire up...

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