Carol concerts? Christmas trees laden with baubles? The sodding Coke advert? No, it turns out that nothing says Christmas quite like a burger. Which is why any place that’s any place are falling over themselves to produce Christmas burgers, with some of the tastiest creations hitting London’s restaurants in the run-up to Christmas. Here are some of our favourites.


Imagine all of Christmas packed into one burger, sprouts and all. Well that’s what’s on at Haché. The burger (and we’ve tasted it and can agree it’s delicious) takes two patties, one a traditional turkey and the other made of sausage, all topped with crispy bacon, tangy cranberry ketchup and a brioche bun and sat on a bed of fried Brussels sprouts. Best served with a their Haché Kimchi Frites and washed down with a bottle of red. It sets a high bar for the Christmas burger genre, and what’s more its for a good cause, they’ll be donating £1 from the sale over each Christmas in a Bun to the Albert Kennedy Trust, who work hard to support young homeless members of the LGBT community.

Where: 37 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9EY


To be quite honest, Hawksmoor had us at ‘side of turkey gravy’ on their festive menu, but the burger is looking swell too! Featuring a turkey and pork patty, crispy bacon, sprout tops, spiced cranberry ketchup and a slice of Ogleshield (a British cheese for those who thought Ogleshield was a suburb in Game of Thrones), the burger is set to get Christmas on its way just fine.

Where: Various

All Star Lanes

Chestnuts won’t be roasting by the open fire, they’ll be in this All Star Lanes burger alongside turkey and cranberry patty, a layer of duck fat roasted potato salad, and all squished with a topping of sausage and apricot stuffing fritter. Sound good? Oh who are we kidding, of course it does!

Where: Various


Oh, hello there delicious looking Christmas burger, how’d you do? If this offering from OSLO hasn’t caught your eye with two little pigs in blankets sticking out of the top then we might as well give up now. If it has however, then know that this festive feast comes with turkey breast mince, camembert cheese, cranberry mayo, gem lettuce and pickled red cabbage and is served with rosemary potato wedges and the aforementioned blanketed piggies. If this tickles your fancy, get down to OSLO in Hackney and thank us later!

Where: 1A Amhurst Road, Hackney, E8 1LL

MeatUp Burger Kitchen

Wandsworth-based resto MeatUp has popped up in Chelsea over the festive period to showcase these insanely festive burgers. With ‘Build-Your-Own’ at the forefront, visitors will have the chance to personalise their burger with patties made from a secret blend of short-rib, brisket, sirloin, ribeye, chuck and bone marrow. Buns come in all sorts of colours, form the Christmas rouge seen above to charcoal cobbler’s made with charcoal-infused rum, vanilla, orange and lime and served up with flowers. What’s more, the process allows for burgers to be served rare (if this be your wish) which is something that’s pretty far and wide to come across. So, you lucky things, Christmas has certainly come early for the burger lovers!

Pop Brixton

Saying goodbye to meat, this impressive little feast has seen queues stretching past the entrance as Halo Burger launch quite the Christmas miracle! Beyond Burger, as it has been named, is 100% plant-based and yet it gives off the appearance of an all meat treat. Sneaky, but we love it, and it seems everyone else does too with people anxious to get their hands on the quarter pounder Beyond Meat patty with festive chestnut mayo and parsnip crisps. The Christmas offering will run until the 31st of December, so hurry up before Santa has his fill!

Where: 49 Brixton Station Road, Brixton, SW9 8PQ

Paternoster Chop House

Oh Santa Baby! Could this be the most Christmassy burger of the lot? Quite possibly! The Saucy Santa Burger, available at The Chop Houses at Paternoster, South Place, and Butlers Wharf, overflows with turkey patty, pickled red cabbage slaw, pigs in blankets and cranberry ketchup (who even knew that was a thing?!) Either way, if we were able to eat Christmas burgers all year round we so would.

Where: Warwick Court, Warwick Lane, London EC4M 7DX, United Kingdom
Nearest station: City Thameslink (0.2 miles)

Absurd Bird

Well this is just sproutrageous isn’t it? A burger made of sprouts is probably something that will divide the nation, like the Christmas version of marmite. Yet still we’re intrigued by the Christmas offering and all of its green glory! The new brussels sprout burger is the result of Deliveroo partnering with Absurd Bird to combine pan-friend Cajun sprouts, mac and cheese sprout balls and chicken in parsley and sprout coating.

Where: 25 Peter Street, Soho, W1F 0AH