Critics’ Choices: Everywhere We Reviewed in March

By Phil Clarke, Editor of The Handbook website Phil Clarke |
12th April 2018

Pancake Day fell early this year, with all it’s batter-ey fun and flipping madness. But with it came a slew of Lent resolutions, from one team member giving up sugar to my re-instigation of the ‘no thirds’ diet. As a result we all cut back on our restaurant reviews, hence so few this month. But fear not, within days to weeks we’d all fallen off the wagon and were back to the trough; which means that April will be a bumper month of reviews!


Apparently Chloe knows a thing or two about cooking, as she’s hit these shores from the home of fussy eating: the US of A. Which is probably why thisĀ fast-food vegan restaurant has been such a hit. Charlotte took her veggie vegany vibes along and loved it. Thought the chips weren’t all that (I thought it was fast food?) but otherwise she big-thumbs-upped it.

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CEO Elly cited founder’s privilege and snapped up a fantastic meal at Benares, the Michelin starred Indian restaurant on Berkeley Square. Described here as ‘dark and alluring’ (the restaurant, not Elly), she sampled some of the best Indian cuisine in the capital and her final word was ‘go!’

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Waldorf Hilton

Editorial Assistant Fenella got her dance on at The Waldorf Hilton for a night of sultry jazz and generous helpings of gin. We seem to think it was a date and from the sound of things, it went rather well. So well done jazz.

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Posh fried chicken joints are pretty big right now, as the food trend goes from the mean streets of Sarf London to the genteel hipster retreats of places like Shoreditch and Soho. So Editor Emily dutifully plunged her snout into a bucket of chicken with very pleasing results. Expect dribble.

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Arthur Hoopers

For once I got to free-wheel on a review rather than sitting in the driving seat, instead Charlotte was in charge and wrote up our the only dinner I’ve had of last couple months where I was literally too full to walk! I hoovered it all up, from raw meat to seasonal veg. So did Charlotte, who calls it a ‘little gem’.

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Perception Bar

I love W Hotel’s Perception Bar, not only does it have a cocktail designed to look like monkey brains, they’ve got Europe’s biggest disco ball! What’s not to love! Meat, apparently, as Charlotte discovered when she headed down to check outĀ Ravinder Bhogal’s first vegan menu.

Check out the full review here…

And that, dear reader, is everywhere we reviewed in March. Come back for a normal edition at the end of April!

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