The Handbook
The Handbook

Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean nine months of sitting in the fridge and eating for two (although that is exactly how I spent both of my pregnancies). There’s a fantastic choice of classes in London to keep you fit and active or prepare you for the stork’s arrival, and we’ve got the lowdown here:

Lomax Chelsea

Bumps & Burpees

At Bumps & Burpees in the Lomax Gym in Chelsea, you can train in a safe and relaxed environment with a team of experienced fitness professionals, all of whom are passionate about helping you to stay fit, healthy and strong throughout your pregnancy. And once you’ve had the babe, their specialist postnatal personal trainers will guide you through tailored workouts AND look after the baby!

Where: 293 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW10 9PZ

Sundaramama Yoga

Nama-stay supple

Whatever your fitness, flexibility or birth journey, the classes at Sundaramama will teach breathing, relaxation, visualisation and affirmation techniques in order to support and nurture yourself and your baby. Hypnobirthing or birth preparation workshops are also on offer alongside the prenatal yoga classes.

Where: The Life Centre, 15 Edge St, Kensington, London W8 7PN

Baby Calm

Antenatal postnatal preparation

The moment you arrive home with a newborn baby and realise – ohmiGOD I’m in charge of this – is quite a shock to the system, and one from which I’m probably still recovering five years later. Most antenatal classes will guide you through the various methods of childbirth, but the Antenatal Workshop at Baby Calm teaches you what you can expect once you’re actually home with your baby. You will be helped to understand why babies cry and how to calm them, and how they sleep (or don’t) and what you can do to help them sleep a bit more.

Where: Various around London

Maternally Fit

Specialist training conducted by a Physiotherapist

The classes at Maternally Fit consist of both cardio-vascular fitness and strength training and are based around the use of the exercise ball and hand weights. Physiotherapists help you to focus particularly on core stability and pelvic floor training, both supporting your body on its pregnancy journey and preparing it for the postnatal period.

Where: Various across London

Hypnobirthing For You

Birth education workshops

Sophie Fox and her team have worked closely with NHS midwives to ensure that their courses and workshops include all the current and up to date techniques to ensure you birth in complete confidence. They can’t guarantee your baby will slip out like a salmon on the day, but they do offer a no nonsense approach to help you feel informed and empowered, however he/she enters the world.

Where: Various

Barrecore - Chelsea

Stylish workouts at the go-to boutique Barre fitness studio

Not every fitness class you do when you’ve got a bun in the oven has to be a pregnancy-specific one. At Barrecore, as long as you take a prenatal modification session, which will be individually tailored to your own needs, you can take whatever class you feel capable of.

Where: First Floor Atlantic Court, 77 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3 4NX