We’re only a couple of months into 2024, but Love Lies Bleeding, which releases in the UK in April, might already be a contender for one of the year’s best films.

Spencer star Kristen Stewart and The Mandalorian’s Katy O’Brian play two women who fall in love in 1980s America, but end up being pulled onto a path of violent crime due to Lou (Stewart)’s criminal family. The romantic premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival and received glowing reviews from critics for its lead performances and writing. Here’s all we know:

What is Love Lies Bleeding about?

The new film is directed by Rose Glass (Saint Maud) and has been keenly anticipated for its star leads and unique spin on the classic crime thriller. Kristen Stewart plays Lou, a reclusive and socially anxious manager of a gym, whose attention is drawn to Jackie, a new arrival at the gym. Jackie is a bodybuilder who’s keen to shoot for the stars and compete in competitions, and now heading to the glitz and glam of Las Vegas to make a name for herself. She’s just passing through but Lou can’t help but come out of her shell and introduce herself, secretly falling hard for the ambitious Jackie. The affection is mutual, and both women begin a passionate relationship.

But things are troubling Lou, like the fact that she’s worried about how the rest of her family will react to Jackie- particularly her father Lou Sr (Top Gun Maverick and Westworld star Ed Harris ), who she calls a “psycho”. Lou Sr has an affinity for guns and violent crime, and when Jackie gets too close to his daughter, he becomes all too threatening. As Lou and her father begin to permanently diverge paths and she decides to try and escape with her new love, a violent and bloody conclusion eruption becomes inevitable.

The first trailer for A24’s new thriller opens with Jackie in the middle of a bodybuilding competition, and you can feel the throwback 80s style and quirks bursting through the screen. It’s shaping up to be one of the most unique-looking and feeling films of the year alongside Ethan Cohen’s Drive Away Dolls and, of course, Dune 2.

When is it released?

Also in the cast are Jena Malone , who you’ll know from The Hunger Games and Lovesong, Anna Baryshnikov (Dickinson), and Dave Franco (The Disaster Artist). The pulpy crime romance will be released in the UK on 3rd May.

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