If you’ve not seen Netflix’s French crime thriller series Lupin, then you’re missing out; the series, which has so far released two parts consisting of five episodes, debuted last year and quickly picked up critical acclaim and viewing figures. It’s one of our most anticipated crime thrillers on the platform, alongside The Luckiest Girl Alive.

New details have recently been released by Netflix about the next set of episodes, but the release date is yet to be announced – so we are rounding up all we know about Part 3.

For those who are out of the loop: Lupin centres around Assane Diop, a gentleman thief who decides to model himself on the fictional master thief Arsène Lupin. Omar Sy stars as the highly skilled swindler, as he embarks to avenge his father, who was imprisoned and later died after being framed for stealing a necklace once worn by Marie-Antoinette. Throughout the ten episodes that have aired so far, Assane uses his charisma, thievery skills, and an array of disguises to go after the man responsible (the wealthy businessman Hubert Pellegrini, played by Hervé Pierre) in order to expose his crimes and get revenge.

Part 3 will pick up where Part 2 left off, where (spoilers) Assane manages to finally get his revenge on the villainous Pellegrini after he’s exposed admitting to his crimes in a recording. Assane departs from Paris, promising himself to return someday in the future. As you might guess, Part 3 sees him drawn back to Paris, saying in the trailer “I avenged my father. I had to protect my family. I wanted to stay in the dark but had to come back into the light. Now watch me disappear.” But his intentions of slipping off the radar and out of France are made difficult, with his past catching up with him. Assane’s dog, J’accuse, will also be returning alongside him, but he’ll also be joined by a widening circle of accomplices. “When you read the books, Lupin has a lot of accomplices”, Sy said to Entertainment Weekly last year. “I think it’s going to be more interesting maybe one day having like a big cast with a lot of people.”

Lupin: Part 3 is set to arrive on Netflix sometime later this year, after entering production not long after Part 2 ended. Meanwhile, you can watch the previous ten episodes (if you’ve not already) over on Netflix.


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Lupin: Part 3 arrives on Netflix later this year

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