Lupin Part 3: One Of Netflix’s Best Shows Returns Next Week

By Rufus Punt | 28th September 2023
Lupin Part 3

We may be inching closer to December but there are still plenty of good shows to catch before the Christmas specials. Before we get The Crown season 6 and All the Light We Cannot Seethe action thriller Lupin: Part 3, starring Omar Sy as professional thief Assanne Diop, is back on 5th October.

Picking up where Part 2 left off back in June 2021, Lupin: Part 3 will see Assane now on the run, evading police and investigators and trying to stay in hiding. Having left his wife and son for his own safety, and trying to deal with their absence, he changes course and returns to Paris to convince them to leave France. But threats old and new are never too far away…

What’s the story of Lupin so far?

If you’ve not seen Lupin so far (and you really should, it’s great) or have simply forgotten a bit since the last few episodes released, here’s a quick refresher. Daring gentleman thief Assane Diop (Sy), inspired by the classic tales of master thief Arsène Lupin, sets out to get revenge on Hubert Pellegrini the man who wronged his late father.

With his knowledge of all things stealing and subterfuge, he gets to work exposing the crimes of Pellegrini and others. In the climax of Part 2’s final episode, Assane succeeds in publicly humiliating Hubert and getting him to confess to his criminal ways, but is forced to flee after bringing so much attention to himself, and Hubert framing him for murder.

Lupin Part 3

What is Lupin Part 3 about?

Assane is wracked with guilt: if he returns to his family, they will be in constant danger and have to always keep low. But the longer he stays, the longer all three suffer and are unable to lead anything resembling a normal family life. Eventually, while still on the run, he comes up with a plan for the best course of action: return to the French capital and convince them to leave the country altogether.

But he also has other plans in action: the thrilling official trailer recently released by Netflix shows him planning to steal the illustrious “Black Pearl”, which by the looks of it is very well guarded. He’s also become something of a media figure, with a crowd of hundreds trying to spot “France’s most wanted fugitive”. He also discovers that his mother has been kidnapped, and it looks like this will truly be his biggest test yet.

Lupin Part 3

Who’s in the cast?

Sy returns as the famed, charismatic thief, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “For an actor, he’s like the best toy you could get. Because you can do anything with him”.

Assane’s wife Claire will be played again by Ludivine Sagnier (who’s seen to appear in Joaquin Phoenix’s Napoleon). Etan Simon stars as his son Raoul. Other key cast members set to appear include Soufiane Guerrab as Detective Guedira and Shirine Boutella as Lt Sofia Belkacem.

When does it come out?

Lupin: Part 3 lands on Netflix on 5th October 2023.

Watch the trailer

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