The Best TV Upcoming This Year

By Rufus Punt | 29th August 2023
Upcoming TV Shows

2023 has proven to be a great year for TV so far, with hits like The Last of Us, Queen Charlotte and Hijack making a splash. However, there’s still plenty left in the tank for the latter half of the year, with Autumn and Winter set to see several big shows return, like Sex Education and Doctor Who.

The current writer and actor strikes have – and continue to – cause delays and reschedules, but we’ve put together a list of the best stuff to expect and updates on shows that have been pushed back. These are the best upcoming TV shows to look out for…

Upcoming TV Shows We Can’t Wait For


Sex Education, Season 4

Sex Education

September will see the return of Sex Education to our screens for season 4, though sadly it’ll be the last, with our beloved characters bowing out. Amateur sex therapist Otis is back for more hijinks at his new sixth-form college Cavendish, with best friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) in tow.

As he tries to fit in with the college’s high-tech, sustainable focus, he contends with a rival campus sex therapist and continues to get advice from his mum (Gillian Anderson). Other returning faces include Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee and Emma Mackey in a reduced role as Maeve, studying in the US.

release date: 21.09.23

Lupin, Part 3


The gentleman thief returns in the third series (or part) of Lupin, the French thriller that became an international hit on Netflix. Following the end of series 2, master thief Assane Diop (Omar Sy) is on the run from the police, having been framed for murder by a billionaire he exposed for fraud. As he looks to slip under the radar to protect both himself and his family, he finds himself tangled in more webs than he’d like: ghosts from the past and an unexpected return mean the stakes are higher than ever.

release date: 05.10.23

All The Light We Cannot See

All The Light We Cannot See

A new limited series from Netflix, All the Light We Cannot See is based on the best-selling book of the same name, telling the story of a blind French girl and a young German soldier in World War II.

Aria Mia Loberti stars as our main character Marie-Laure, who is forced to flee her home to the coastal town of Saint-Malo after the Nazi invasion of Paris. At the same time, the intelligent Werner (Louis Hofmann) is drafted into the German army, and the two end up meeting. Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Laurie also appear in starring roles as Marie-Laure’s father and uncle, respectively.

release date: 02.11.23



Sofia Vergara shows off her acting chops in this biographic series that tells the story of the drug empire created by Griselda Blanco. Throughout the 1970s, Blanco became one of the most powerful drug lords in the world and was particularly prominent in the underworld of Miami.

The series will chart her rise and fall, from her beginnings in Medellín in Colombia to her growing power in the drug business and ruthless assassination orders. Vergara both stars in the title role and produces.

release date: autumn 2023

The Crown, Season 6

The Crown

While the release date is still in the air, Netflix has said that the sixth and final season of royal drama The Crown will drop on its platform later this year. These last episodes will cover the late Queen Elizabeth’s (Imelda Staunton) reign as it moves into the 21st century, from the difficulties following the death of Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) to the Wedding of Charles (Dominic West) and Camilla (Olivia Williams).

Also covered are Tony Blair (Berie Carvel)’s years as Prime Minister and the New Labour government, as well as the beginnings of William (Ed McVey) and Kate’s (Meg Bellamy) relationship.

release date: autumn 2023

Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime’s Wilderness, based on the book of the same name, is a revenge tale led by Jenna Coleman as a wife plotting to get her own back.

Married couple Liv and Will are on a trip around the American National Parks, with Liv having found out that her husband has been cheating on her. Outraged and quietly devastated at her discovery, she decides to turn her feelings of upset into a driving force to exact vengeance. She comes up with a scheme to make Will unknowingly take part in a series of trials to test whether he is capable of winning her back.

release date: TBC 2023

Wheel of Time, Season 2

Wheel of Time

Big budget fantasy series Wheel of Time is heading back to our screens this September, with Rosamund Pike reprising her role as Moiraine. Season 2 picks up where the first left off, with Rand (Josha Stradowski) continuing to discover his role as prophesised hero The Dragon Reborn.

While he thought he’d saved the world from the malevolent being The Dark One, a threat still looms over Rand and his friends, and this time, Moiraine is not going to be able to save him easily.

release date: 01.09.23

Gen V

Gen V

Gen V is the first spin-off series of The Boys, the anarchic cult superhero comedy series. This show shifts the attention to Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, which is run by the powerful corporation Vought International.

Set to be just as violent and madcap as the main series, Gen V focuses on a group of students, led by blood bender Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) as they further learn to control and hone their superpowers. It sounds like it’ll be a super-powered take on the coming-of-age genre so expect a lot of the same tropes (parodied).

release date: 23.09.23

Apple TV

The Morning Show, Season 3

The Morning Show

The Morning Show is one of Apple TV+s’ flagship series, and it’ll be back on screens later this summer. Starring Jennifer Aniston as Alex and Reese Witherspoon as Bradley, it’ll see the two-morning news TV presenters deal with their futures being thrown into doubt as the UBA network is eyed up by a tech mogul. With secrets being hidden from others and plots being hatched, it looks like The Morning Show Season 3 will be the juiciest yet.

release date: 13.09.23

The Supermodels

Naomi, Cindy, Linda and Christy: four names who ruled the fashion world in the 80s and 90s. This Apple TV+ retrospective documentary will reunite the supermodel quartet as they look back on their lives as the biggest fashion stars on the planet, and what it took to get there.

Transforming the industry like no one else before them, the four faced challenges, some together, some individually, and the four-part docuseries will cover how each of them still remains prominent activists and philanthropists. If you’re a lover of all things fashion, this is not one to miss.

release date: 20.09.23

The Changeling

The Changling

The Changeling, which is coming to Apple TV+ in September, tells a love story that goes seriously wrong. LaKeith Stanfield stars as Apollo, a pre-owned bookseller living in New York City, who has a loving relationship with his wife, Emma (Clark Backo).

The two seem to be an idyllic, perfect couple, but this is shattered when Emma commits a horrible act shortly after giving birth to the pair’s first child, and suddenly vanishes. Dazed, confused and devastated, Apollo goes on an odyssey throughout the city in search of his wife, struggling to find answers.

release date: 08.09.23

Lessons in Chemistry

Lessons in Chemistry

This Apple series is based on the smash hit novel of the same name, which has established itself as a consistent bestseller. It follows Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott, a female scientist who is fired from her own lab.

Living in 1960s America, Elizabeth experiences plenty of sexism, particularly in the science world, but a change in her fortunes sees her being offered a job of a TV cooking show. Unused to presenting and working in the increasingly popular new medium, Elizabeth is initially unsure how she’ll do- but she soon finds that she has a knack for making not only cooking but also science accessible for millions of housewives watching at home.

release date: 13.10.23


A Murder at the End of the World

A Murder at the End of the World

A new miniseries from FX, A Murder at the End of the World stars Emma Corrin as Darby Hart, an amateur detective who’s proven herself skillful at cracking tricky cases. She, along with eight others, are invited to be guests at a lavish resort in a remote and scenic location.

Their host is a reclusive and mysterious billionaire, played by Clive Owen, and while things seem to get off to a rather promising start, their stay starts going wrong when a guest drops dead. Darby soon suspects foul play but is faced with a wall of opposition, as one or more shadowy figures try to block the truth from being revealed. The show was originally set to debut at the end of August but has been delayed to November.

release date: 14.11.23

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson

We’re in the age of books that were previously made into films being adapted into TV series, and before HBO’s take on Harry Potter, Disney+ is bringing the popular YA series Percy Jackson onto its platform. Young Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell), a demigod and the son of Poseidon, discovers his destiny as a powerful Half-Blood. Just as he’s starting to understand his powers, he’s accused by the Greek god Zeus of stealing his famous thunderbolt, and Percy is forced to trek with his friends Grover (Aryan Simhadri) and Annabeth (Leah Sava Jeffries) across America to find it themselves.

release date: 20.12.23

The Other Black Girl

The Other Black Girl

Adapted from the 2021 novel of the same name, The Other Black Girl is a mystery thriller that mixes drama with comedy, and stars Sinclair Daniel as Nella Rogers. Nella is an editorial assistant working at the publishing house Wagner Books in New York and feels like she’s the odd one out as the only Black woman employed there. This changes when a new co-worker, Hazel-May McCall (Ashleigh Murray), arrives, and Nella is excited that another Black woman will be working alongside her.

The two employees become fast friends, but things begin to turn on their heads when Nella gets strange anonymous messages warning her to leave Wager Books, and Hazel seems to be treated much more favourably than she is. Soon, she begins to uncover dark company secrets.

release date: 13.09.23


The Tourist, Series 2

The Tourist

We’re finally getting a follow-up to The Tourist, the Jamie Dornan starring thriller that saw a man try to recover his memory and his identity after a serious car crash in the Australian outback.

Having found some idea of who he is (and not liking it), our protagonist Elliot tries and fails to end his own life, and we now find him in Ireland, once again searching for answers about his past. Danielle MacDonald returns as Officer Helen Chambers, as the two attempt to deal with both their own demons and threats old and new. Any hope of an easier time in Ireland is dashed when they’re dragged into a vicious family feud.

release date: tbc 2023

The Woman in the Wall

Woman in the Wall

A new thriller that will air on BBC One, The Woman in the Wall is a dark yet gripping story of a woman named Lorna (Ruth Wilson) who awakens one morning to find the dead body of an anonymous woman in her house.

Lorna has no idea how it got there, and she comes under investigation by Detective Colman (Daryl McCormack), who knows that she has a history of sleepwalking. Lorna spent several years in one of the Magdalene Laundries, a real-life series of asylums that became highly controversial in Ireland, and her sleepwalking is a result of the trauma she suffered there.

release date: 27.08.23

Time, Series 2


One of the most underrated miniseries of the past few years is Time, a three-parter that starred Sean Bean and Stephen Graham and offered an unflinching look at prison life in Britain. Originally set to be a limited series, the show was confirmed to return for a series 2, but this time focusing on a whole new set of characters and a new prison.

These new episodes will focus on three prisoners, played by Jodie Whittaker, Bella Ramsey, and Tamara Lawerence, and is set in a female prison. They have stark differences, but find that a feeling of mutual respect and liking is possible in their harsh conditions.

release date: tbc 2023

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Doctor Who returns to our screens later this year, and with it several familiar faces. Coinciding with the show’s 60th anniversary, the series will air three special episodes with fan favourite David Tennant returning as an apparently brand new incarnation of The Doctor.

He’s set to once again cross paths with his old companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), and team up with newcomer Yasmin Finney as Rose, and Neil Patrick Harris will play a villain. Russell T. Davis meanwhile returns as showrunner and main writer, and a fourth special will air at Christmas that takes us into the era of Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor.

release date: November 2023


The Lovers

The Lovers

Sky’s new romcom series, The Lovers, is set to arrive in September, and stars Roisin Gallagher as supermarket employee Janet. Janet is bored and disillusioned with both her life and her job, and her foul-mouthed temperament lets the world know it.

Out of nowhere, the handsome Seamus, (Johnny Flynn), who’s a politics chat show presenter, literally drops into her life over her garden wall. He has a seemingly perfect life in London with also an also famous girlfriend (played by Alice Eve), and he and Janet should be polar opposites. However, both feel an attraction to the other, and the series follows their life as it is turned upside down.

release date: 07.09.23

Mary & George

Mary & George

Julianne Moore leads this new period drama that tells the scandalous tale of Mary Villiers, a woman in 17th-century Britain who schemes and manipulates her way to the height of power.

Her charismatic and good-looking son George (Nicholas Galitzine) is moulded by her to seduce the current monarch, King James I (Tony Curran), and become his most trusted confidant and ally- with all the benefits extending to Mary. As the two make their fiendish power grab, they’ll leave death and destruction in their wake.

release date: tbc 2023

COBRA: Rebellion

Cobra: Rebellion

COBRA: Rebellion is the third series of Sky’s thriller drama COBRA, and features Robert Carlyle reprising his role as British Prime Minister Robert Sutherland, who is once again facing crisis. He’s joined by Chief of Staff Anna Marshall (Victoria Hamilton) and new Defence Secretary Victoria Dalton (Jane Horrocks), as they work to try and deal with an environmental catastrophe that has hit the UK.

The government realises that not everything is as it seems, and some of the cause of the catastrophe seems to have come from within the country. It’s a race against time as the government tries to reverse the damage, and the PM weighs up serious decisions that could change his future.

release date: october 2023


With the ongoing impact of the actor’s and writer’s guild strikes, a number of shows that we’d hoped to see arrive by the end of this year have been pushed back, likely into 2024, while others remain up in the air as to when exactly they’ll end up releasing.

Bridgerton, Season 3 


While we had the Queen Charlotte spin-off series earlier this year, it was initially hoped that the third season of Bridgerton proper would drop on Netflix by the end of the year. It’s been a long time coming, and while filming was underway last year, we’ve not heard much else about the series, so it seems pretty likely 2024 will be when we return to our favourite characters.

release date: tbc

True Detective Night Country

True Detective

It’s been a while since the last season of True Detective was released, and fans got excited when HBO announced that the fourth season, subtitled Night Country, was in development, with Jodie Foster in a starring role. While we have a trailer and first-look images, there’s no firm release date. A 2023 release is still possible, but HBO has delayed some of their other shows, so it may end up getting pushed back.

release date: tbc

Emily in Paris, Season 4

Emily in Paris

It was already a squeeze for Emily in Paris’ fourth season to arrive before the year is out, but it now seems very unlikely. While we had a teaser for the new season a few weeks ago from Lily Collins, hinting that Emily would visit Rome this time around, the strikes have meant EOP is almost certainly coming next year.

release date: tbc

The White Lotus, Season 3

We were most recently in the world of The White Lotus last year, and the HBO show was all set to move from Sicily to Thailand for the new season. Filming for the new episodes was reported to have begun, but the strikes have ground things to a halt, meaning that the show is currently on hold.

release date: tbc

Stranger Things, Season 5

Stranger Things

A fifth and final season of Stranger Things wasn’t expected to arrive in 2023, with a production break allowing its cast to age up a bit. However, the continuing strike action means the summer of 2022 will be the last outing of the Hawkins gang for quite a while.

release date: tbc

Euphoria, Season 3


Euphoria’s third season was confirmed to be in the works not long after the last aired in January 2022, but HBO mentioned that a new season would be a while coming, in part due to the commitments of Zendaya and other actors, and creator Sam Levinson working on projects like The Idol. The company recently mentioned though that the impact of the strikes was such that a third season will not be on screens until 2026 at the earliest- so it’ll be a long wait until we catch up with our cast of characters.

release date: tbc

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