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6th January 2009

It’s not easy staying up-to-date with all that’s going on in the fast-paced world of news and events – with the impossibly quick turnover of designers, clubs and trends, we all need a little assistance keeping up. Let The Handbook help.

The Handbook is now offering an even faster fix of updates, news, and reviews, in the form of The Newsletter, launching soon.

We will be scanning our critical eye over a full range of happenings in London to source the very best snippets to deliver straight to your inbox, for an instant hit of fashionable news. The Newsletter will cover the key areas featured on The Handbook main site, offering news stories, the latest from the Blog, an insight to the capital’s best-known and most-loved venues, and a variety of giveaways from some of our favourite brands. (Sign up also for info on how to find your own way into the exciting events industry, with our job page/search etc).

And of course, should you have a spare moment, links to the home page will allow you to browse more in-depth stories and information. Sign up now by filling in your details at the top of any page. As always, we won’t pass on your details to anyone else.

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