Out Friday: Still Up Is The Comedy Series Worth Staying Up For

By Rufus Punt | 21st September 2023
Still Up AppleTv

From Belfast-set The Lovers to Channel 4’s Alice & Jackit feels like we’re living in a golden age of rom-com TV shows. There’s no sign of it stopping either, thanks to the arrival of Apple TV+’s new series, Still Up. 

Set to land on screens this Friday 22nd September, the series stars Antonia Thomas (The Good Doctor) and Craig Roberts  (Submarine) as two insomniacs who have a strong, loving relationship, despite never having met in real life.

Co-written by Natalie Walter , star of Michaela Coel ‘s acclaimed, I May Destroy You, here’s why you should watch it…

What is Still Up about?

Can two people truly be connected through the internet alone? Still Up poses that question and leans to yes. Lisa (Thomas) is a free-spirited illustrator who suffers from insomnia. She finds it difficult to balance and maintain her work and social life- in particular, she has concerns over her five-year-old daughter’s future and her relationship with her partner.

In another part of London, socially awkward Danny (Roberts) is a journalist but has the same issue as Lisa in not being able to sleep, with nights being particularly lonely living on his own.

Still Up

What else do we know?

The two non-sleepers connect one night over the web and begin to form an instant connection through their shared problem. Lisa feels that she can open up about her worries and attempts to juggle her responsibilities, while Danny is able to drop his social anxieties more easily.

Each episode takes place over the course of a single night, as the two interact in their limbo world of the night. They remain best friends (Apple describes it as an “almost romantic comedy”), but the two seem to have feelings for each other, despite Lisa’s relationship with her partner and Danny dipping his toes into the dating pool. Are they meant to be together?

Who else stars?

Probably the biggest name in the cast is Blake Harrison , who’ll you know as Neil in The Inbetweeners and as Stan in World on Fire. He’ll be playing Lisa’s caring but weary partner Veggie.

Meanwhile, Lois Chimimba (The Outlaws) stars as Amy, Rich Fulcher (Black Mirror) stars as Cat Man, Luke Fetherston (Almost Never) stars as Adam and Samantha Spiro (Game of Thrones) stars as Veggie’s mum.

When will Still Up be released?

As with other Apple shows, the first three episodes of the comedy will arrive on Friday 22nd September 2023 with the rest airing weekly.

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