June is here, and lucky for TV aficionados, there’s some really big series that are making a come back this month to make it a great time for streaming.

The epic swords and dragons drama House of the Dragon has its second season arriving in a few weeks, while the ever-intense The Bear will be serving up its much anticipated third season. Bridgerton already returned in May, but those of us keen to see a resolution for the #Polin storyline will be happy to know that part two is nearly upon us as well. Here’s the best of things to stream in June:

The Bear, Season 3

One of the best shows currently on TV and the one that your co-worker won’t stop recommending, The Bear is back for season three this month, promising to be better than ever. Continuing the story of head chef Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), who’s as ever feeling the pressure in the kitchen, this new season will see him push himself even further in the pursuit of making great food- even if its his undoing. He’s keen to encourage the rest of his team, too particularly Syd (Ayo Edebiri), who’s just as driven but potentially a source of conflict. There’s also his relationship with Claire (Molly Gordon), which didn’t go too smoothly last season due to Carmy’s distance, and they may well be getting back together. For lovers of intense but brilliant TV, The Bear is simply unmissable.

Release date: 27.6.24

House of the Dragon, Season 2

The other major show returning this month is House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel that burst onto our screens back in 2022 and proved to be just as thrilling. This season sees Westeros heading toward a brutal and bloody civil war, with the forces of King Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) and Queen Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) preparing to fight for power, in an event known as the Dance of the Dragons. On Aegon’s side are Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke) and Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), who support his claim to the all-important Iron Throne. On Rhaenya’s side is her husband Prince Daemon (Matt Smith), one of last season’s most interesting characters, with he and his wife mourning the death of their son Lucerys, killed dramatically in the season finale. With the war drums growing louder, season two looks to one of the year’s most blockbuster shows.

Release date: 16.6.24

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld

One for fashion lovers, Becoming Karl Lagerfeld arrives on Disney+ this month, telling the story of the audacious German designer. It’s set in the 1970s in Paris, with Lagerfeld (played by Rush and MCU star Daniel Bruhl), in his late 30s and not yet the man he would become. Karl decides it’s time to make his mark on the world, and will challenge rival Yves Saint Laurent (Arnaud Valois) to the title of the most prestigious designer in French fashion. He also for the first time meets the young Jacques de Bascher (Théodore Pellerin) and quickly falls in love with him. There’s a lot betrayals, rivalries, parties and egos at play, with Bruhl leading the way in the story of the enigmatic and always iconic fashion legend.

Release date: 7.6.24

Bridgerton, Season 3 – Part 2

Last month we finally got the latest instalment in the Bridgerton universe, but while the internet was once again abuzz with the ins and outs of high society in Regency England, there was some sadness at the fact that Netflix initially dropped only four episodes. The streamer will be dropping the second half of the season on 13th June, focusing first and foremost on the romance between Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton), the centrepiece of season three. At the end of part one (we’re assuming if you’re still reading this that you’ve seen it), Colin, having developed feelings for Penelope, takes the step of proposing to her. They were already becoming more than friends as those first episodes progressed- so will they take it all the way and make it official? Meanwhile, Penelope’s friendship with Eloise (Claudia Jessie) continues to be up in the air, and Francesca (Hannah Dodd) gets closer to John (Victor Alli).

Release date: 13.6.24

Presumed Innocent

A remake of the 90s film of the same name, Presumed Innocent arrives on Apple TV+ in June, and typically for the streamer it’s got some Hollywood royalty attached. Jake Gyllenhaal is making the jump from cinema to TV as he plays Rusty Sabich, a skilled prosecutor in the Chicago prosecuting attorney’s office. The office is turned upside down when Rusty is accused of the murder of a woman, Carolyn (Renate Reinsve) he had a romance with. He of course claims his innocence of the crime, but there’s an unwinding tale of power, politics, sex and obsession across the eight episode miniseries that proves that there’s more to this case than meets the eye. Ruth Negga, Bill Camp,, Peter Sarsgaard and Elizabeth Marvel also star in the cast.

Release date: 12.6.24

My Lady Jane

Bridgerton might be back on our screens, but if you can’t get enough historical escapist drama, then My Lady Jane, arriving on Amazon Prime this month, will keep you satisfied. It reimagines the life of Lady Jane Grey (played in this show by Emily Bader), who was Queen of England for only nine days in the mid 1500s, before being put to death. But this new series sees her escape the axe and goes on to live a life of adventure and romance. The “alt-fantasy Tudor world” drops a lot of the cliches and hallmarks of dramas set in that period, with My Lady Jane mixing in a healthy dose of comedy as our heroine finds new loves in life, as well as fending off some villainous plans to take over her throne. Rob Brydon, Dominic Cooper and Jim Broadbent are some of the famous faces who you’ll see throughout the series.

Release date: 27.6.24

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