There’s no hiding from both biker boots and gaiter boots on social media. From cool girls to the super glam, winter boots are definitely competing with our favourite trainers, but which style do you prefer?

Admittedly, I’m a fan of biker boots. I love the slightly rugged aesthetic that works with both dresses and jeans. They also complement my other current fascination with the avaitor jacket; there is just something incredibly relaxed, yet sexy about women in androgynous clothing. In winter, they look effortless. Come summer, they take on a more playful feel when paired with mini skirts or floaty dresses. Ultimately, this tough, timeless footwear is never going to date. 

However, the gaiter boot has got my more glamorous alter ego twitching. We’re talking mob wife vibes. What, may you ask, is the gaiter boot? Well, back in 2012, Givenchy created its Sharklock boots, a foldover style that became instant celeb fodder. This high-heeled look with a kind of trouser effect has resurfaced, thanks once again to Givenchy, but also high street favourite, Zara. Other designers have followed suit, including Jimmy Choo who collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier to create a pair made from leather with an over-the-knee silhouette that can be folded down to reveal a printed denim lining and appliquéd logo. These boots are made for posing.

So, like me, maybe you’re teetering between many fabulous winter boots and that’s ok. Keep on reading to discover the latest designs to add to your shoe collection…

Biker Boots

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