There were, in the midst of the darkness of the first lockdown, moments of hope that kept us going. Whether it was cheering on Captain Colonel Sir Major Tom or frivolously binge watching Tiger King we survived and we thrived. But perhaps one of the most heartwarming moments was 8pm every Thursday when the nation gathered for ‘the clap’.

Well The Clap (don’t Google image that search term, whatever you do) is back tonight and it’s even got its own twist. Rather than being just reserved for carers and NHS workers, this time you’ll have the opportunity to bang a pan in honour of “all incredible individuals”.

Under the new rules for pot bashing, Clap for Heroes has updated its name to broaden out its message and recognise all those who have played a role in the fight against COVID-19.

Annemarie Plas, self-appointed inventor of clapping, says she hopes it becomes a weekly event again.

She told The Sun newspaper “I fully acknowledge that things are now worse than ever and some people might not feel an applause is appropriate, but I also know how much it meant to millions of people last time, not just to our carers but to our neighbours and communities.

And she continued “We all need to stay connected and be there for each other and we all deserve a round of applause for what we have gone through and can expect from the coming months.

“When people clap for all our heroes on Thursday, they should also clap for the heroes directly in their own lives, those whom they have personally found to be just incredible individuals.”

Annemarie Plas, self-appointed inventor of clapping, says she hopes it becomes a weekly event again...

In other words, if you don’t fancy honouring the doctors and nurses slaving away on covid wards at the worst moment of the pandemic so far, then you can just clang kitchenware to show your appreciation of the hot guy across the road. Or maybe to pat yourself on the back for going back to the house to get your mask the other day. Go ahead, praise yourself, that’s all that’s important…

Meanwhile, I asked an actual doctor if he was disappointed that the clap was no longer just for healthcare workers and the sweary hospital worker replied ‘I genuinely don’t give a sh*t. What I care about it that people stop meeting up illegally, socially distance, wear masks and stay the f*ck indoors. Maybe that way we wouldn’t need the clap at all…’

Which actually makes sense…

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