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Hormones play a huge role in the changes to our skin. While buzzwords such as ‘hot flushes’ and ‘night sweats’ are more familiar when discussing menopausal skin, dry and itchy skin – although a common problem for menopausal women – doesn’t get the airtime it deserves. Even people who have never suffered with skin problems their entire life may reach menopausal age and suddenly notice dry patches and itchy, flaky skin, as oestrogen levels are greatly depleted and the skin’s ability to regenerate and renew slows down.

While many of the changes that take place to your skin with age are both inevitable and irreversible, the feeling of itchiness and dryness can easily be rectified with small tweaks to your existing skincare routine. We’re loving Shiseido, the leading Japanese cosmetic and skincare brand, and their healthy skin offerings that will help soothe, calm and hydrate menopausal skin.

Here are four pointers to consider which will help remove the itch…

Hydration Is Key

Declining oestrogen levels lead to a drop in your body’s oil production which means skin loses its ability to retain moisture. Plus, there’s a significant decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid that you produce which adds to skin feeling dry and dull. Perk up skin with a hardworking cleanser that creates a good canvas for the rest of your skincare to follow.
Try: Shiseido Extra Rich Cleansing Milk, £27 – this soap free cleanser packed with Japanese yuzu seed and rice oil will cleanse, soften, and boost moisture in one easy step.

Plump And Prime

Essences and toners are considered a traditional skin ritual for Japanese women who take care of their skin. They help saturate the skin with hydration and restore your skin’s natural PH balance while calming your skin too. A great addition to menopausal skin.
Try: Shiseido Treatment Softener, £35 – A hydrating lotion with a water-light feel that piles pores with heavy hydration and powerful antioxidants.

Feed Your Skin

Nourish and nurture your skin and its changes. Another major shift that occurs in skin with age is the breakdown of collagen and elastin (two proteins that keep skin soft, supple, and smooth), causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear more easily and fast.
To combat this try: Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate, £83 – their best-selling cult serum to defend against stress and ageing while stimulating blood flow, giving skin a beautiful glow, with consumers experiencing more radiant skin in just 3 days*. Shiseidos exclusive ImuGenerationRED Technology™ boosts the skins defences and microcirculation for stronger effects against ageing, leaving skin looking youthful and more resilient.
*Consumer test on 103 volunteers

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

You’ve had it umpteen times but moisturising your skin daily and drinking plenty of fluids is essential to supporting and protecting the skin barrier and beyond. It’s imperative for healthy-looking skin whatever your age.
Try: Shiseido Uplifting And Firming Cream Enriched, £107 – this super luxe nourishing moisturiser works well for both day and night, boosting moisture levels, increasing firmness, and fading dark spots. Powered by Reneura Technology ++ and KURENAI TRULIFT to target fibroblast cells and promote skin’s collagen regeneration. You’ll get your money’s worth!

Make SPF A Must

Menopause also means reduced blood flow, leading to less oxygen and nutrients delivered to the epidermal layers, causing skin to thin which in turn makes delicate and dry skin more prone to sun damage. Wear it all year round, come rain or shine, to give your skin the protection it deserves.
Try: Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free SPF30, £34 – this handy skincare and sun care hybrid cream protects skin without leaving behind any greasy film or chalky marks. The perfect base for your makeup.

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