Get Your Groove On At The New Lucky Voice

It’s new, it’s exciting and we can’t flipping wait to try it! A new Lucky Voice has thrown open its doors and got its jazz hands out, with a venue that holds the largest VIP karaoke room going, with singing space for over 25 people. For those who aren’t in the know but want to be, Lucky Voice is your groovy karaoke go-to that sees friends become diva enemies for the night and colleagues breaking out of their corporate shells to reveal their inner Britney’s and Elton’s.

Already located across London, Dubai and other spots in the UK, Lucky Voice in Holborn is the groovy group’s most daring location with its large karaoke space and late license until 3am on week-days and 4am at weekends. Misbehaving Mariah Cary style on a school night? Why not – just don’t tell the boss!

The hot spot sits snug near Holborn, Chancery Lane and Farringdon so you can stumble, post tune belting, to the nearest tube offering, giving you all sorts of excuses to stay “out, out.” Not helping the cause is Lucky Voice’s renowned button that karaoke-ers can press for drinks and drinks and more drinks…

The Director Charlie Elek says: “we’re excited to bring another late night entertainment venue to the area, and to be playing our part in keeping the Mayor’s dream of a 24 hour city alive,” and we can assure you Charlie that we’ll be helping with keeping that 24-hour dream alive by singing at the top of our lungs at the latest venue. Rock on Lucky Voice Holborn!

You can find Lucky Voice at 84 Chancery Lane, WC2A 1DL,

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