Fulham’s Little Blue Door has only been with us for a matter of weeks, and yet it’s won the cooing appreciation of locals and visitors alike. And the achingly cool club, designed to evoke a funky house party, just got even better, announcing a collab with Burger & Lobster.

What restauranteurs Burger & Lobster don’t know about burgers, or, indeed, lobsters, could be written on the back of a postage stamp sized burger (or, indeed lobster) and with nine restaurants mainly across the West End they’ve really had no shortage of chance to hone their expertise. So bringing it to Fulham for a summer of surf and turf can only be a winning formula.

Little Blue Door pretends to be an upmarket house party, hosted by a pretend set of flatmates. So now flatmate Hunter has invited his ‘Lobster’ lover into the flatmates’ home for the ultimate summer staycation.

Or, in other words, Burger & Lobster are doing a pop-up down at Little Blue Door.

Burger & Lobster will be ‘staying’ from Wednesday 18th July


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