We’re just thinking out loud about something… namely Ed Sheeran’s new restaurant which apparently is a thing. Sneaky Ed has apparently bought a restaurant somewhere in London, rumoured to be Notting Hill, which is unsurprising seeing as Ed loves hills so much (Castle on the HILL and all that). But, aside from this thin on the ground info, we know little else!

Ed has teased us with an Insta post, as celebs often do, and has shared a bottle of Ketchup on the gram. This could be because his restaurant will be about all things ketchup, given how much Ed loves it, or to do with the fact he has his own Ketchup brand which fans often coin ‘Edchup’! Either way, this is some pretty saucy news…

What else do we know? Well, he’s apparently acquired the spot with his manager Stuart Camp. In fact, the restaurant itself is said to be housed where Spanish restaurant Galicia once was, on Portobello road. So, if you’re in the area then keep your eyes out for a healthy head of ginger locks and some Tommy K!

The pop superstar has filed a trading name with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea too, so we’re definitely onto something. And, for those thinking it’ll be named something as charming as his songs – Perfect, Shape Of You, and so on – then you couldn’t be more wrong. Fat Punt is the (supposed) name. Coming from a wordsmith and lyrical genius, we’re not too sure what our thoughts are! But Bertie Blossoms has also been thrown into the mix, named after his wife Cherry Seaborn… now that’s pretty cute.

Well, that’s all for now chaps! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the new resto, that’s sure to make you Happier!

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