We’re going to let you in on a secret, there is brunch beyond avocado…we know, who’d have thought? Well the guys at Firedog do, the new Aegean inspired restaurant is opening in Fitzrovia and it’s going to have a strict ‘no avocado’ policy.

Instead, Executive Chef George Notley will be serving up breakfast and lunch plates inspired by the ingredients found between the Greek and Anatolian Peninsulas. We’re talking about the likes of Sujuk and Cyprus potato hash with chorizo style ground beef sausage, roasted onions, thyme, spinach and eggs; kippers with sumac butter, spinach, sourdough and poached eggs; hot olive wood smoked salmon with chilli labneh, apple, watercress and herb salsa and flaked smoked mackerel. See all sounds delish and not a Hass or Maluma in sight.

To drink will be, non-alcoholic sodas which use home-made syrups such as Mastika plum and mint and The Firedog espresso is made from the bespoke blend ‘cicciolina’ from The Black Penny by The Roastery Department coffee roasters (both The Black Penny and Firedog are Fork and Blade ventures). If you’re after something stronger, they’ve teamed up with South London micro-brewery, the Partizan Brewery to craft a unique sumac and za’tar draught beer.

Time for a look back to 17th century BC and stone fire dogs, they were one of the earliest forms of grilled cooking found in Santorini and now lend their name to the restaurant. Firedog will also be reinventing the ancient style of cooking using an olive wood chip fired grill. The three coloured neon triangles which make up Firedog’s symbol are a nod to the alchemical symbol for fire.

Set over two floors, dark wood panelling and warm brass fitting are given a punk edge and bespoke commissioned mixed media murals adorn the walls of the basement. They’re mixing classic mythology with Turkish legendary hero Tarkan, 1970s grainy film references and pop art – all hand painted and graffiti sprayed onto the walls. That’s going to be something to look at whilst you tuck into your grilled halloumi and fennel roasted beetroot with marinated peppers…

Firedog: Opens 9th January 2017, 92 Newman Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 3E2, www.fdog.com

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