If you take a wrong turn on Brick Lane, then you can find yourself imprisoned on Alcotraz and now if you don’t look where you’re going on the Kings Road then you might just end up in the Wild West.

Moonshine Saloon, is an immersive byob cocktail bar that will transport you to the time of moonshining when everyone looked out for themselves and hid from the beady eye of the local Sheriff. First of all, you’ll visit the tailor who will fix you up with Stetson hats and cowboy gear – you don’t want to attract attention for sticking out do you? No, you want to fit in and drink your cocktails.

Once you look like you might be a moonshiner you’ll be allowed into the saloon where the shadiest spirit makers in town hang out. Play dice, try and get lucky in a game of cards and swap stories about your days herding cattle and riding across the plains. Just make sure that if the Sheriff talks to you, he knows that you definitely aren’t drinking alcohol. If you manage to slip by unnoticed, you’ll be able to stop by the General Store for a little refreshment. If you don’t…well expect to feel the full force of the Wild West law.

Created by Inventive Productions (the same team as Alcotraz), Moonshine Saloon will be open for just a couple of months this summer, so stow away your weapons, put your best cowboy boots on and ride on over to Kings Road.

Moonshine Saloon: Opens Thursday 31st May 2018, 535 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW10 0SZ, www.moonshinesaloon.com

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