The Handbook
The Handbook

Farmer J is opening its second London restaurant for all those city-dwellers hungry for a taste of the British fields. With its hearty breakfast Fieldtrays packed with food like hash browns, flank steak and spicy shakshuka, as well as bagels with lox and cream cheese and sourdough goodies from Fortitude Bakery, you won’t be able to walk by on your morning commute without stopping.

Lunch each day is cooked with natural ingredients, and 90% of food is made on-site. Charred tofu steak with white miso and whole roasted cauliflower will delight vegans, and it doesn’t hurt that all ingredient are from sustainable UK farms.

Nighttime means delicious dinner options in a dolled-up atmosphere, old school music playing as guests enjoy fun lighting and delicious bites like whole roasted celeriac or lamb shawarma. Don’t skip the cocktails either, which include farm favorites like pricklebacks and trendy kombucha choices.

The decor is rather urban in an effort to create a comparison with the hearty, down-home cooking. Enjoy clean white concrete walls accented with velvet and leather seating, as well as trendy white neon signs.

Farmer J is opening its second location 3rd September 2018 at 24-32 King William Street, EC4R 9AJ.