The Handbook
The Handbook

With a loyal allegiance of Good Life-ers and celebrity fans, The Good Life Eatery is hitting the magic number and is opening its third site this month.

Taking to Motcomb Street to join the likes of Rococo Chocolates, Christian Louboutin and nearby, Grace Belgravia the site which will seat 35, will have a more refined, sleeker look than its Chelsea and Marylebone counterparts whilst still sticking to its soulful Californian vibe.

They’ll also be keeping to their roots and serving up healthy food that isn’t just good for you but that looks great too – which is handy because you know it’s probably going to be on your Instagram later #eatclean #phoneeatsfirst.

We also know now that healthy doesn’t mean limp celery it means colourful, it means vibrant – when you think about it, it’s unhealthy food that tends to be bland in colour. Here you’ll find homemade granola, acai smoothie bowls; guilt-free waffles; clean egg dishes; courgetti and lean machine bowls (ratatouille, meatballs or falafel served over quinoa or caulirice). There’ll be dairy -free power shakes such as The Hulk, Ninja Turtle and Cocobutter and baked energy balls, cakes and fridge pots to curb your sugar cravings at 4pm instead of the family pack of biscuits that we accidentally (not so accidentally) consume.

If you’re vegan, dairy/gluten free or on the Paleo diet then they cater for that too. It’s just the sort of food you need to make you feel energised, to conquer those winter blues and flus and to leave you with wonderful hair/nails/skin. We love you mac’n’cheese and burgers we really do, but it’s time to move over as we also love a taste of the good life.

The Good Life Eatery: Opens February 2016,  20 Motcomb Street, Belgravia, SW1 8LB,