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Under The Influencer: Insta Star Opens Cannabis Restaurant

It’s World Vegan Month, and vegan influencer Loui Blake has jumped on the back of a great opportunity, opening an instagrammable restaurant in Fitzrovia with all the pastel tones your feed is thirsty for! Kalifornia Kitchen will welcome one and all on the 26th of November, as a venue as experimental with its food as with its name, serving CBD lattes in following with the latest proliferation of CBD-based food and drink. There will also be signature dishes of Beetroot Puree on sourdough with avocado rose and Burrito Bowls with black beans, sweet potato and more on the menu.

The sexy new location emanates serious millennial vibes with interiors awash with pastel and a social feed triumphing palm trees and pineapples. It’s blatant Loui knows how to turn a head or two. The hashtag of the moment for Kalifornia Kitchen reads #HealthyIsSexy, with a real plug on making the vegan way of life known to be just that, and not a “fad”; a far cry away from recent comments made by William Sitwell.

What else is on offer? Well aside from CBD (which stands for Cannabidiol) at this joint, there’s immunity booster shots and super juices, all of which will be presented in aptly matching crockery of pinks, picturing well against the greys and bottle greens adorning the inside. Loui is holding over something of the previous venue, a former burger joint, offering his own vegan take on the much-adored food item in the form of The Kalifornia.

So, if the neon signage doesn’t get you falling head first into Kalifornia, then maybe the news that there is a ‘press for kale’ button inside will. The incentive is somewhat akin to Bob Bob Ricard’s press for champers button but, something tells us, a little healthier… depending on how you look at it!

Kalifornia Kitchen opens on the 26th of November at 19 Percy Street, W1T 1DY,