One of the year’s best shows was the second season of the time-bending Russian Doll, anchored by star Natasha Lyonne. There’s no word about a third season of that show, but if you’re looking for more Lyonne then look no further than the brand new mystery series from streaming service Peacock, Poker Face. Created by Rian Johnson, director of both Knives Out and its sequel, the show sees Lyonne play Charlie Cale, who investigates murders and other crimes in a mystery-of-the-week style drama.

While Johnson has experience with TV before, doing some directing work on Breaking Bad -including the hugely acclaimed climatic episode Ozymandias- this is his first TV show that he has created and written himself, alongside Lyonne. The show sees protagonist Charlie travel across America as she solves crimes: rather than working out of an office, Charlie operates out of a Plymouth Barracuda car and seems to simply find herself meeting colourful characters and solving strange crimes. She doesn’t have much in the way of gadgets or a professional investigation department at her disposal, but she does have an intuitive ability to tell when someone isn’t being truthful, and a keen sense of solving injustice. Rather than being largely uninterested in making new friends like Sherlock Holmes, Charlie is always up for meeting new people.

The mysteries and stories of the 10-episode series are constructed by Johnson, so you can expect a Knives Out-like conundrum in every one of them. The first trailer for the show unsurprisingly gives little away in terms of what stories await, but it does give a glimpse of both Lyonne as Charlie and the various oddball characters she meets, as well as a similar stylish flair that made both Knives Out and other Johnson films like Looper and Star Wars: The Last Jedi so notable.

The series has a strong cast of guest actors across the season, including Adrien Brody (who’s the first person we see in the trailer), Chloë Sevigny, Dascha Polanco, Hong Chau, Jameela Jamil, Ron Perlman, Rhea Perlman, Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Tim Meadows and more. The show is looking to become NBC’s streaming service Peacock’s first hit when it debuts in January, and though it doesn’t have a streaming home in the UK yet, you can expect one to be announced soon.


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