Sharper Film

Apple TV+ has some seriously exciting projects on the way this year, with upcoming series like the star-studded Extrapolations and Liaison, in addition to already released hits like psychiatrist comedy Shrinking. The service has made way for a new Apple Original Film, Sharper, which just released on 17th February, and with a thrilling plot starring big names like Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan and John Lithgow, it’s certainly worth a watch.

A psychological thriller produced by A24, who is behind films like Everything Everywhere All At Once and shows like Euphoria, Sharper is described as a neo-noir where no one is as they seem.

Set in New York City’s “bedrooms, barrooms and boardrooms”, it’s a tale of high-stakes struggles for power and money. Greed, lust and jealousy are just a few of the vices you can expect here, but the film begins with an apparently innocent meeting of a PhD student Sandra (Brianna Middleton) and a lonely bookstore owner Tom (Justice Smith). But things of course don’t run smoothly for long, and their lives begin to turn upside down.

The three other main characters are Max (Stan), a sleazy yet smooth-talking city slicker who preys on the unassuming, socialite Madeline (Moore), and her super-rich, hedge fund manager husband Richard (Lithgow). Madeline is particularly ambitious and keen to move up in the world in whatever way she can, and yet isn’t a big fan of her son Max’s tendencies to scam anyone and everyone. Even Richard is dismissive, saying in the film’s trailer “If you’re going to steal, steal a lot.” Unbeknownst to Sandra, the quiet and lonely Tom isn’t just a bookstore owner, and is also a part of the Max-Madeline-Richard family, being Richard’s son. She’s soon roped into the scams and the riches, and it may just ruin her life as a result.

Sharper is available to watch now in cinemas and on Apple TV+

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