The Golden Rules For Great Skin According To Top Facialists

By Tamara Corin | 1st March 2023
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Ever wondered why the people at the top of the beauty industry have such great skin? Here, celebrity facialists reveal the dos for holy grail skin, their golden rules and skincare tips and how you can achieve your best skin yet without spending too much time or money.

Skincare tips from 5 top celebrity facialists


Nataliya Robinson, aka The Skin Whisperer and founder of Quantum Botanika swears by these skin “rules”



Massage Is Your Best Friend

For best results with your night cream or serum, massage your face while applying the cream, this will make the product “sink” deeper onto your skin.

Be Prepared

If the weather outside is cold and windy, apply your products a minimum of 1 hour before you go out to face the cold and wind.

Put Yoghurt On Your Face

Once a week apply fresh yoghurt on your clean skin, fresh yoghurt is full of friendly bacteria and this is super beneficial for your skin’s microbiome, plus fresh yoghurt is rich in lactic acid and is great for exfoliating and moistening your skin.

Keep It Clean

If you have problems with your skin, for example, breakouts, dry or itchy skin or generally unhappy skin then apply nothing for 2-3 days, give your skin a rest, it can balance itself.

Treat Yourself

Facials! Book yourself for a monthly facial for a professional skin workout such as deep exfoliation and extractions!


Teresa Tarmey, super facialist and global expert at Dior encourages her A-list clients to do the following:



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Consistency is Key!

Consistency is what leads to results. Your skincare doesn’t need to be over complicated, simply find a routine that works for you and stick with it. There’s no need to try everything under the sun if you find a routine that works and gives you the results you’re looking for.

Less is More

The fewer layers, the better! I don’t like layering up product after product. You are essentially over treating the skin and suffocating it, not to mention the actives getting all mushed up together. The key is to use the right ingredient for your skin and not follow Tik-Tok trends.

Never Forget SPF!

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most imperative aspects of your skincare routine. I spend half of my working week trying to get rid of sunspots. I’m a huge fan of Heliocare, it has a wide range in terms of textures and protection for face and body, I love it and it’s super affordable.


Invest in Your Skin

Unlike fashion trends or purchasing the new, latest handbag, you wear your skin with you everyday and everywhere you go. Whether that’s treating yourself to monthly / yearly facials or investing in your routine, it will make a difference. I recommend investing in Fractional Radio Frequency, it’s the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment targeting wrinkles, scars, pores, uneven skin texture and just general brightening. We can then use an IPL for sun and sun damage/pigmentation and a laser for broken capillaries.

Try Microneedling

Whether it’s at home or in a treatment, microneedling when done right can produce fantastic results. My passion for microneedling stemmed from treating my own skin with the procedure after suffering with acne in the past and seeing exceptional improvements and results. I then developed my own 12-week microneedling programme to give my clients clinic-level results at-home over a 12-week period. My approach is little and often which doesn’t overwhelm or frighten the client as the needles are tiny.


Michaella Bolder, is one of the most in demand A-list facialists who believes these tips will transform your skin, fast.



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Know Your Skin Type

Make sure you choose the correct products for your own skin type. Using what your mates use or what’s trending won’t always suit your skin and people often forget this. Determine your own skin type, whether it’s through a skin expert or by yourself through trial and error, then make sure you stick to products best suited to maintain and look after your complexion. It’s all about tailoring it to your own specific needs.

Use Pressure On Your Face

Try to massage your facial muscles every day – it’s a simple trick that I recommend to all my clients. Each step in your routine that gives you enough slip to move around, take the opportunity to add some pressure, moving your fingers in deep circular motions to stimulate the blood flow and plump those lazy facial muscles. You’ll notice a contoured, sculpted difference straight away, I promise. No tools necessary.

Always, Always Wear SPF

It has been proven time and times again that the sun’s harmful rays have a detrimental effect on our skin, both intrinsically and extrinsically, causing premature ageing and unwanted pigmentation as a result. So, always wear SPF. Whether you opt for it in your tinted moisturiser, face cream or body lotion, try and shop for products that incorporate it, so you’re never without.


Consider External Factors

When your complexion plays up, look further afield than your skincare products. It’s not always a product you need to chop – it could be changes happening on the inside of your body, whether that’s a change in diet, hormone imbalances or a stressful, busy lifestyle. Even the clothes you wear, like hats and scarves, can play their part in aggravating the skin, so be mindful and keep a diary to manage and maintain any issues that aren’t necessarily product related.

Use A Face Oil (whatever your skin type)

It’s a well-known fact that some of us with oily or combination skin types will avoid oils and moisturisers like the plague. But here’s a fun fact: your skin produces its own oil (also known as sebum) in order to hydrate itself when there isn’t enough available, which means you could be the one causing that unbalanced bumpy skin, dehydrating it by avoiding those essential products. So, don’t be afraid to slather on some much-needed hydration.


Lisa Franklin, multi-award winning facialist and nutritionist encourages these tweaks for healthy looking skin every day.



Wear Sunscreen

I often get asked “what is the secret to younger looking skin?” The answer is always – wear sunscreen. This is undisputed within the skincare industry. Invest in a good sunscreen as in the long run – your skin will thank you.

Invest In Your Skin

You wouldn’t go to the gym once and expect abs. Equally – you need to invest time in to achieve your desired skin goals. Filters are great but the confidence great skin makes is far superior. If you can invest the time, then the results will come. It’s not about quantity either – it’s about quality products that truly work. It’s about scheduling in some time for you with monthly maintenance facials.

Ditch The Needles and Injections

I’ve seen first-hand the damage that fillers, injections, and botched surgeries can do to the skin and natural beauty. I regularly work with patients to try to un-do the destruction it causes to healthy skin. More and more of our patients are ditching the needle as they experience negative results. There is nothing wrong with ageing. It’s a privilege to be able to grow old.


Use Retinol

Retinol is a powerful ingredient that regenerates skin and restores radiance. It’s a great treatment for healthy ageing and acne. The natural botanical extracts diminish pigmentation and age spots – helping to renew skins plumpness, elasticity and preventing skin sagging.

Harness The Power Of Rose Quartz

I have always been fascinated with crystals and in particular Rose Quartz with its beautiful pink hue and ability to amplify energy and love. It was only throughout my 25-year skincare journey that I began to understand the amazing skin health benefits Rose Quartz can have. Used since ancient Egyptian times who carved it in to face masks it calms inflammation, releases tension, and supports cell renewal.


Keren Bartov, the super facialist with a CV of celebrity clients and a whizz with lasers and LED, reveals her top skin pointers…



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Take SPF Seriously

Futureproof your skin by wearing SPF every single day – whatever the weather. Although the sun’s intensity may decrease during the colder months, UV rays can still penetrate through clouds and reflect off surfaces such as snow, ice, and water. I recommend a broad spectrum of at least SPF 30 in autumn/winter and SPF 50 in spring/summer. There is nothing better you can put on your face than SPF. Make sure you re-apply every 2-3 hours to maintain your skin’s protection – even in the winter sun!

Wash Your Face Properly

The cleansing step is the most important in any skincare routine as it removes all dirt and oil, but it will also aid the absorption of your subsequent skincare products. A double cleanse, followed by micellar water applied to the skin via cotton pads, will ensure your skin is thoroughly but gently clean. You want gently clean – not squeaky clean so use gentle cleansing products please!

Embrace Acids Smartly

Acids in skincare are a powerful tool in achieving healthy, clear and glowing skin. But it’s important for your skin’s short-term and long-term health that you use acids in the right concentration and formulation for your skin type. Unfortunately, I see many clients who have used the highest percentage of acids they can find on their skin and damaged it. It’s not worth the risk. A skin diagnosis by a skin expert will match you with the right acid at the right concentration for your skin type. You can always build up to higher concentrations but start smart and safe.


Wait For Your Skincare To Absorb

Waiting for at least three minutes in between each product will ensure your skin is not disturbed and gives it time to sink in and work its magic. And always, take your skincare right down to your neck and decolletage, which is too often neglected.


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