This Cleansing Balm Is A Gamechanger For Your Beauty Cabinet

For the next instalment of our mini-series spotlighting hero beauty products, Edwina Ings-Chambers brings you the cleansing balm she swears by for removing makeup and impurities, leaving you with fresh, clean skin.

The Why and the Wherefore

Very often beauty coverage around cleansing (and skincare) talks about the importance of using this time as a chance to pause in a busy day, to be mindful. I’ve written those pieces myself. But the truth is, normally when I’m cleansing – and I love a balm cleanser, by the way – I’m also multitasking, trying to make those minutes count for more by catch on radio programs or podcasts or some such. BUT this! This cleanser is different.


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It really does force me to pause, to deeply inhale, to reset, to involve myself fully in what I’m doing. And that’s largely because of the glorious smell which is like the most perfectly honed aromatherapy blend for grounding yourself in the moment. There’s a variety of essential oils in here: rosemary, lemon, sage, frankincense, lavender, spearmint….the combination is a botanical wonder scent. Perhaps that’s why this is a top-seller for the brand in Taiwan.

How To Apply

I’d encourage you to rub a small scoop of the balm between your hands, cup them together, raise them to your face and BREATHE. But I don’t think I need to because I find this aroma makes me do that anyway. Resistance is futile. Then apply over the face to dry skin and use it as a chance to do a quick bit of facial massage and lymphatic drainage as there’s great slip to this balm.

The Final Result

Clean and cared for hydrated skin (this takes off SPF too). And, I hope, a bit of calm injected into your day.

The Takeaway

This is an excellent cleanser that’s more than the sum of its parts and a major aid to my equilibrium.

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