Get excited Spice Girls fans, because boy do we have some electrifying news for you! 

Following the Spice Girls’ 2019 tour, fans had little hope of another reunion in the near future, but some exciting news has arisen and it’s just been announced there’s going to be a brand new documentary dedicated to the iconic pop group and there’s even talk of a world tour coming in 2021! 

Yes, you heard that correct! Last week saw Channel 4 announce that they would be dropping a Spice Girls documentary to celebrate Wannabe’s 25th anniversary and let’s just say fans flipped out. 

Excitement arose after Channel 4 Press tweeted out that they would be digging through ‘archive footage and revealing interviews’ to bring fans of the iconic five a docu, with the working title of Girl Powered: The Spice Girls. The only thing is that we’ve got a bit of a wait until its arrival…

Following the news, fans have been left wondering what kind of footage will be shown and whether or not there will be a brand new selection of interviews taking place or not. If it’s anything like their 2019 world tour, Posh Spice won’t be making an appearance…

And if you wannabe even more excited for 2021, there’s even been talk of another Spice Girls world tour hitting the big stadiums too in honour of Wannabe’s 25th anniversary. But, you know, we all know Vic has other priorities at the top of her list so will no doubt not be making an arrival. 

The rest of the group – Mel C, Gerri Horner, Mel B and Emma Bunton – however will be hitting up Europe, America and Australia. So if you want to see the fab four (sorry Vic, unless you’re going to partake this time) for one last time, you’ll have to join the rest of the fans racing to get their hands on gig tickets. It’s sure to be a sell out.

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