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The Handbook

If we were to tell you that new restaurant La Mia Mamma, set to open in Chelsea, imported a different Italian “Mamma” each season from a different region, you’d probably think we were joking, right? Wrong.

La Mia Mamma keeps to its word when it says it’s going to deliver dishes true to Italian culture and tradition. La Mia Mamma will ring out Italian tradition as strongly as if you picked up the “it’s your Dolmio day” family straight from the advert and placed them in a restaurant. Whilst some of us may think of bangers and mash or smiley potato faces when we cast our minds back to childhood food dishes, the founders of new Italian eatery La Mia Mamma have something else in mind. In a nod to the nostalgic, Peppe Corsaro, Corrado Mozzillo and Luca Maggiora (aka. the brains behind the business), have drawn on their passion to awaken childhood memories, in a bid to deliver to our plates the meals of their Mamma’s.

The Mammas are on hand to prove that the culinary universe of the Italians stretches far past the pizza and pasta stereotype. Dishes will include pasta, meat and fish offerings, freshly prepared by hand in the shop window for all to see. These Mammas mean business. There will also be an A La Carte menu featuring Italian dishes from across the peninsula. Whilst the tradition may not stretch to the realms of an accordion playing man ringing out The Godfather whilst you munch, there is the promise of fresh, seasonal ingredients from over 20 Italian regions, delivering an assortment of flavours.

Mamma number one, or debut Mamma if you will, comes from Sicily and will be flying in for three months to take up restaurant residency. She will be cooking dishes from the Sicilian culture, and, if you’re lucky, she may let you in on a secret recipe or two.  Also on offer will be a range of Italian wines and cocktails to go hand-in-hand with the food.

Still hankering after that perfect spag-bol recipe for the weekend dinner party? The Mammas are also offering master classes for customers with a strong appetite for learning more.

La Mia Mamma is set to open in late May or early June.

La Mia Mamma: 257 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW3 5EL,