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Things to do With Kids

As If The World’s Biggest Obstacle Course Wasn’t En-Nerf…

Three, two, one… charge! Forget battling it out on the Homefront, you’re about to embark on the mission of your life, right here in London. That’s right, get your NERF guns at the…wait, NERF guns? Yup, NERF have just announced that they’re partnering up with the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course to bring us Londoner’s our most intense mission to date. Buckle up kids, we’re in for a wild one! To celebrate their 50th anniversary NERF have teamed up with The MONSTER, to host the capitals ultimate summer takedown. On August 27th and 28th, Alexandra Palace will be transformed into […]

Health & Wellness

Sun’s Out, Moles Out: How To Keep An Eye On Your Moles This Summer

OK, OK, summer in the UK may not be as sun drenched as some countries but we bet you’ll still be lining rooftops, gin in hand or picnic-ing in the park with strawberries a’plenty until the sun goes down. Yet, as we’ve learnt by now, sometimes the best things in life come with a...

Awesome Afternoon Teas

The Pawfect Afternoon Tea For You And Your Pooch

Who let the dogs out? 🐾 Long gone are the days of paw-scraped doors, howling cries and pee-stained carpets, nowadays restaurants are inviting doggies to dine in style. So out with whatever’s in that jelly-canned dog food from your local store, the stench is bad enough! And in with an afternoon tea that’ll delight even the fussiest of canines. Thanks to South Place Hotel, you’ll be able to tickle both yours and your pup’s tummies with the launch of their new luxury afternoon tea, er, doggie-style… Pawfect! South Place Hotel have a pawsome new partnership with accessories brand, Radley (the […]

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Finally! It’s Confirmed: The New 007 Is A Woman

Wake-up guys! It’s been announced that the new 007 is a woman! Lashana Lynch will be taking on the infamous codename in the next, as yet untitled, Bond film. The successful actor, star of Captain Marvel and Bulletproof, will be stepping into size 10 brogues, previously occupied by the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pearce Brosnan and that other guy that everyone always forgets. It’s on the tip of my tongue… George Lazenby! Except, trigger alert (geddit?), it’s not quite true. According to the Daily Mail, who reportedly have a spy in the Bond camp, an opening […]

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Pack Your Bags, We’re Moving To Mars

Moving house is always a huge hassle; wrapping every single breakable in newspaper, taking the front door off its hinges to get the fridge-freezer through, forgetting which box you put the kettle in… But what if you weren’t moving to Islington, but to Mars? Okay, I live in Wandsworth so Upper Street and the red planet are basically the same thing to me, but a new exhibition from the Design Museum will be exploring the idea of actually leaving the earth’s orbit and heading into the inky blackness for a new life on Mars. And believe me, it’s peak Tim […]

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We Ain’t Lyin’ When We Say We’re Excited About This Movie…

Roaring ‘eck, can you believe there’s about to be a brand spanking new Lion King movie? The first single ‘Spirit’ by Bey has been released, and I for one have had it stuck in my head for longer than it took to create this remake! In fact, hysteria has spread like wild fire across the plains of London, what with the release date being TOMORROW! And the mane event was undeniably that whopping great premiere which took place in the city this week, and witnessed all sorts of random celebs having DMC’s, including Pharrell Williams chatting to Prince Harry about […]


Dubai Yourself A Ticket Now! 9 Of The Best Hotels In Dubai

‘Ah, but what about when the oil runs out?’ finger-wags the dining table diplomat, and the answer is, simply, Dubai. Rather than sitting on an ever diminishing supply of black gold, the emirate has invested wisely, making their little patch of sand an international transportation hub, a...

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A Room With A View (Of London): The Best Hotel Views In Town

Who hasn’t checked into their hotel, flung open the curtains and been greeted by the view of a brick wall? Sure, of course it’s all about location, but for a really magical stay a view makes all the difference. And in a city like London those views can be incredible, whether...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

MESSAGE! Here’s Where To Watch The Love Island Final

Gosh, we’ve had our fair share of hide-behind-the-sofa moments on this year’s Love Island haven’t we? From Anton giving his digits to the infamous shopkeeper, to Tom speaking far too truthfully in front of Maura before heading to the hideaway, this long hot summer has been quite...

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