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One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor…

It’s National Tequila Day on Tuesday, 24th of July. Yep, apparently that’s a thing. And, whilst it sounds like an outlandish excuse for Brits to get mid-week wasted, we’re here in a desperate attempt to disassociate your thoughts on tequila with sweaty nightclubs and head-banging...


We Ain’t Lyin’ When We Say We’re Excited About This Movie…

Roaring ‘eck, can you believe there’s about to be a brand spanking new Lion King movie? The first single ‘Spirit’ by Bey has been released, and I for one have had it stuck in my head for longer than it took to create this remake! In fact, hysteria has spread like wild fire across the plains of London, what with the release date being TOMORROW! And the mane event was undeniably that whopping great premiere which took place in the city this week, and witnessed all sorts of random celebs having DMC’s, including Pharrell Williams chatting to Prince Harry about […]


Dubai Yourself A Ticket Now! 9 Of The Best Hotels In Dubai

‘Ah, but what about when the oil runs out?’ finger-wags the dining table diplomat, and the answer is, simply, Dubai. Rather than sitting on an ever diminishing supply of black gold, the emirate has invested wisely, making their little patch of sand an international transportation hub, a...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Midnight Swimming, This Summer’s Latest Craze

If you decided to have a splash in the British sea under the moonlight, you’d end up with hypothermia. So when we found out Hampton Pool was running midnight swimming sessions in their heated pool, we freaked out! It’s time to whack out your favourite swimsuit and get your breaststroke on, we’re off for a swim! If you fancy throwing on the arm bands and basking under the moonrays step forward, this South West London pool have come up with a genius idea, midnight swimming. Hampton Pool is a 36 metre ‘hidden secret’ of a pool next to Bushy Park and it’s […]

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A Room With A View (Of London): The Best Hotel Views In Town

Who hasn’t checked into their hotel, flung open the curtains and been greeted by the view of a brick wall? Sure, of course it’s all about location, but for a really magical stay a view makes all the difference. And in a city like London those views can be incredible, whether...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

MESSAGE! Here’s Where To Watch The Love Island Final

Gosh, we’ve had our fair share of hide-behind-the-sofa moments on this year’s Love Island haven’t we? From Anton giving his digits to the infamous shopkeeper, to Tom speaking far too truthfully in front of Maura before heading to the hideaway, this long hot summer has been quite...

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One Of London’s Poshest Streets Gets A £40 Million Makeover

Sloane Rangers don’t like change, if it’s not from the ’80s then it’s Tears For Fears. Well the home of the Ranger, Sloane Street, is getting a Karma Chameleon makeover. And this change is going to be wonderful, dahling!. Let’s face it, some of London’s streets are a little worse for wear. They’ve lost their glitz and glamour we all grew to love. Which is why we’re ecstatic more and more areas of London are getting a revamp, Sloane Street especially. Yep, it’s just been announced Sloane Street will be recieiving a £40 million makeover this Autumn! Sloane Street has become a vibrant […]

Openings & Launches

Gouda-ness Gracious Me! A Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Is Coming To London

Cheezus, this restaurant looks like it’s gonna brie fantastic! If you’re a fiend for feta, and cheddar makes you giddy then we’ve found a grate place for you… Coming to London is Pick & Cheese, the brainchild from the one and only Cheese Bar that has been the guilty pleasure of Londoners, and the cause of all sorts of eccentric dreams, since it opened! This brand spanking new venture has turned heads across the web already, offering up endless supplies of cheese, all delivered via a 40-metre conveyor belt! View this post on Instagram #PICKANDCHEESE British cheese and natural wine, done […]

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Is This Victoria’s Best Kept Foodie Secret?

Lorne is a classic example of a hidden gem. No really, trying to find it had me firing up City Mapper, Waze and Google Maps simultaneously, as I made my way snail-like to 76 Wilton Road. This was undoubtedly down to my abysmal navigation skills, but Lorne is actually quite unsuspecting located sweetly on a bustling street in Victoria. The restaurant, which opened in 2017, is the brainchild of a head sommelier and a chef from the Square and three Michelin starred menu. With impressively bulging CV’s at their helm, hopes were high as I sandwiched myself into a orange-coloured […]

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