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Critical Mass: London’s Best Easter Church Services

In case you hadn’t realised, there’s more to Easter than a bank holiday double whammy and copious amounts of chocolate. There’s also the small matter of Jesus’ death and resurrection. So why not take a bit of time out of your super-sized weekend and attend an Easter service...


The Stella Event You Need To Go To

In a world of Brexit, burning Notre-Dame and Donald Trump’s awful fake tan, we need something to cheer us up – so how about this Stella event? The Telegraph’s glam magazine supplement, Stella, that focuses on all things ageless beauty, fashion, style and well-being, is hosting a...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Book Into These 7 UK Literary festivals

Sometimes all you need is a good book, and we know exactly where to go to find them. Here’s a look at the best literary festivals across the UK; places that you can bring out the book worm in you and start a new chapter of your literary journey. Don’t judge these by their cover and give...

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The Magical London Café You Need To Visit

With the long-awaited launch of Game of Thrones’ eighth season and Harry Potter pop-ups and experiences reinventing themselves each day, it seems we’re all just a little bit obsessed with magic. Not only does Hollyhock Cafe in Richmond have the cutest name but Walt Disney surely...

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Openings & Launches

Full Bread Ahead, The Bakery’s Opening A Restaurant

If you haven’t heard of Bread Ahead then do you even bread?! The bread giants, like the name suggests, will be opening a humungous 220 cover restaurant in Autumn and we’re encouraging you to stop loafing around and go! Wembley will be the new home to the extravaganza that will include a...

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The Royals Give Us Access To Their House For One Day Only

We all watched as Meghan and Harry swept past on her carriage, beaming away. As the extraordinary bishop droned on and as the couple stepped out as husband and wife. Then they slipped away, along with a coterie of high profile A-list guests, for the reception. Want to have a gander inside? You...


Mauritius: 9 Reasons It’s More Than Just Honeymoons

When I told my friends that I was off to Mauritius, they queried why I was going to a honeymoon destination when I quite clearly hadn’t been saying any vows, apart from vowing to avoid all dating apps. But to class the whole island as just a place for canoodling couples, would be doing it a...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Where To Eat Out In…Notting Hill

Whether you’re drinking tea with Hugh Grant, telling someone you’re “just a girl, standing in front of boy, asking him to love her,” or styling it out at Europe’s biggest street festival, there’s always something going on down in little ol’ Notting Hill. As...

Awesome Afternoon Teas

5 Reasons To Try This New Royal Afternoon Tea at The Shard

The Handbook is a sucker for afternoon teas, at least one of us will be feasting on scones at some point on during the week and don’t get us started on the cream/jam debate. I just started it and as I’ve just been told ‘the Queen puts jam first and so we win’. This time...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

My London: ByRuby’s Top 5 Delis

Ruby Bell, Founder of frozen food delivery service byRuby, is on a mission to make our busy lives that little bit less hectic. Her homemade frozen meals are the answer to those evenings when you don’t want to cook from scratch because you’re just.too.tired but you know you...

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