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6 Of London’s Best Vegan Freakshakes

Long gone are the days where vegans have to opt for the tap water at a restaurant. Veganism is a craze that’s become a global phenomena, with celebs even advocating the plant-based lifestyle. But you haven’t got to just eat rabbit food. Oh no, vegans too can enjoy a milkshake or two!...


Real Life Dating Events That You’d Actually Want To Go To

It’s another year, you’re still single, and you’re sick of dating apps. You’ve got this romantic idea where you’ll meet someone in real life, say at a bar, or by making prolonged eye contact with that attractive stranger on the same train you take to work. But you’ve had this hope for a...

What to do This Weekend

Who’s Ready For The Weekend?

There’s so much going on this weekend! But then we’re hardly surprised given it’s nearly July and summer is in full flow – yippee! So, what’s on our radar you ask? Well, you can don the roller skates and throw it back to the 60s at an epic roller party, or why not...

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Openings & Launches

No Monkey Business: ZSL Launch Adult-Only Zoo Nights

Calling all animal lovers! While your expectations of the zoo might be hoards of children running riot, trying to poke a baby chimps eye out, the reality is far from it. ZSL London Zoo has launched adult-only zoo nights so you can revel in your childhood days without screaming kids charging at full...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Top 32 Private Dining Rooms In London

Dining out is always quite the theatrical affair, from waiting staff whisking intriguing menus under noses to open kitchens and creative cocktails firing up appetites. And yet sometimes we want to close the doors on the clatter, if only for an hour or two, and bask in our own DJs, personalised...

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10 Of The Coolest Restaurants In Manhattan

The Big Apple and the home of Liberty, literally, she’s standing there in the harbour (or ‘harbor’ as they insist on misspelling it), Manhattan is the beating heart of New York City and, a cultural behemoth and a financial centre to rival London. It’s one of the most iconic...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Queen Just Launched An Escape Room At Buckingham Palace!

Buckingham Palace famously take their security very seriously. My car once broke down on Constitution Hill and I was swarmed with plain clothes policemen in minutes. So surprisingly, for a building that’s notoriously difficult to get into, they’re now making it incredibly tricky to get...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Head Undercover For This Immersive Spy Drama

Your top secret mission, should you choose to accept it, is to unmask enemy agents, save the country oh, and drink cocktails with your mates. COLAB is an immersive theatre company bringing Spy City, an evening of spy-based drama, to The Amber Bar, the subterranean venue on Flat Iron Square, and...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Airbnb Of Food Launches In London

Uber is the world’s biggest taxi firm, but doesn’t have any taxis. Airbnb is the planet’s largest hotel chain, but doesn’t own a single hotel. Alibaba is the biggest retailer, yet it doesn’t have any shops. So when say they plan to be the world’s...

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Is This The Prettiest Ice Cream In The World?

You’ll be screaming for ice cream after you feast your eyes on this babe of a treat! Dominique Ansel, baker extraordinaire, is the name on most Londoner’s lips come dessert o’clock, and this summer they’ve created a What-a-Melon Soft Serve that oozes with dreamy watermelon...

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