April is well underway, and apparently, the British weather has decided to remain grey and rainy. So, what better way to pass some of that time than a night out at the cinema?  Luckily, this month sees the release of some big releases, from the Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Black to Zendaya’s new film Challengers, and medieval comedy Seize Them! For everything that’s worth a watch, check out our roundup…

Seize Them!

Whimsical comedies set in the distant past are all the rage right now, with Renegade Nell and The Completely Made Up Adventures of Dick Turpin on streaming- while Seize Them!, starring Aimee Lou Wood (Sex Education) is releasing in cinemas. Wood plays an arrogant, spoilt medieval queen named Dagan who’s quite happy being able to boss people around from her throne, but faces trouble in paradise when a popular revolutionary (Derry Girls and Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan) decides to usurp her power. Now she’s become a fugitive in her own kingdom, and is forced on the run to escape the punishments she used to regularly give out. Her only friends aren’t exactly from high places- Shulmay (Lolly Adefope), a servant, and Bobik (Nick Frost), a literal shit-shoveller- but she’ll have to rely on their help to win back the hearts and minds of her former subjects.

Release date: April 5th

Civil War

From film studio A24 and director Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation) comes one of the most bombastic cinema releases this month, Civil War. It imagines a concept that has been predicted a concerning amount of times in recent years: a full-blown civil conflict in the United States, splitting the country into government and rebel factions. The plot follows a team of journalists travelling across the country, led by Lee (The Power of the Dog star Kirsten Dunst), a war photographer and journalist, alongside Joel (Wagner Moura) and Jessie (Cailee Spaeny). As the situation rapidly deteriorates, the group will have to fight to survive, especially as there seems to be dangers from both sides and a chance none of them will make it out alive. It also stars Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Dune), Sonoya Mizuno (Crazy Rich Asians) and Jesse Plemons (Killers of the Flower Moon).

Release date: April 12th

Back To Black

Amy Winehouse’s life story is told in this new biopic, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson (Nowhere Boy) and starring Marisa Abela (Industry) as the late singer. It’ll delve into how she rose from the North London jazz clubs in the 2000s to capture the world’s attention with her iconic voice and the best-selling Back to Black album. It’ll also follow her private life, from her relationship with her father Mitch (Eddie Marsan in the film) and her boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil (Jack O’Connell), to her struggle with addiction and other issues. Also set to appear in the film are Lesley Manville (Phantom Thread) as Cynthia Winehouse and Juliet Cowan (Back to Life) as Janis Winehouse. Back to Black features plenty of the star’s best-known hits, performed by Abela herself.

Release date:April 12th

Monkey Man

Slumdog Millionaire and The Green Knight star Dev Patel both directs and acts in this intriguing new thriller film, produced by Get Out director Jordan Peele. Patel stars as a character only known as “Kid”, an enigmatic figure who sets off on a mission to avenge the death of his mother, Neela (Adithi Kalkunte) after she is horribly killed. State corruption is rife in his fictional city in India, and those in charge are who destroyed his family and who oppressed the people around him. His main way of earning money is by working in a fight club, wearing a lifeless-looking monkey mask as he’s beaten by starfighters each night. All his suppressed rage will propel him into a bloody journey of justice.

Release date: April 5th


Swapping barren deserts in Dune for tennis courts, Zendaya stars this month in her hotly anticipated film Challengers, which could yet spin awards for her. Tashi Duncan (Zendaya) was once one of the world’s most talented and formidable up-and-coming tennis players, but that was ended by a serious injury on the court. Now a skilled coach, her marriage to champion player Art (Mike Faist) is strained somewhat by his sudden consistent losses, especially since she’s the one giving him advice. To remedy this, Tashi enters him into a challenger event, which is a lower level than he’s used to. But his opponent provides a twist in the tale: the man he’ll have to face is Patrick (Josh O’Connor), also a once-promising player and Tashi’s former boyfriend. The stakes and tensions run high, as Tashi and Art seek to settle their past and present problems.

Release date: April 26th

Sometimes I Think About Dying

Star Wars star Daisy Ridley leads this off-beat romantic comedy-drama based on the stage play Killers. She plays Fran, an office worker who suffers from social awkwardness and mostly spends her time away from other people often daydreaming vividly about her own death. This boring, banal life of hers is disrupted when a new person starts at her job, Robert (Dave Merheje), who’s chatting and outgoing, and puts others at ease. Fran is surprised to find that he actually talks to her, and takes an interest in who she is and what she does, and the pair end up spending time together. It’s hard to tell where the pair will end up going- but that’s what makes Sometimes I Think About Dying worth a watch.

Release date: April 19th

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