Everything We Know So Far About Industry Season 3

By Rufus Punt | 24th October 2023
industry season 3

Hit business drama series Industry, in which every episode is somehow more stressful than the last, is returning to our screens in 2024, in a year that’s already packed with shows like True Detective: Night Country and Bridgerton Season 3.

We’re still a little way off from its debut, but with the series gaining a steady and loyal following for its nail-biting tension and often drug-fuelled mayhem, it’s a good time for a refresher on who’s who in the cast. The upcoming season is set to see a few new famous faces- and a few of the show’s young cast members look set to break into becoming big stars themselves.

Read on for everything you need to know about Industry Season 3 and who will be bringing the heat when it finally airs.

What happened at the end of Season 2?

We’re going to assume you’ve seen the finale of Season 2 if you’re reading this, but if not: spoilers ahead. The last time we saw the Pierpoint cohort, several of our key protagonists were in the process of being booted out. Harper (Myha’la Herrold) ended up getting fired from the prestigious investing firm when she revealed her college results were faked. 

Things were even worse for Yasmine (Marisa Abela), who was fired by her boss Celeste for taking a stand against Pierpoint’s culture of sexual assault, as well as being completely cut off from her father after she called him out on his own inappropriate behaviour.

Dan (Alex Alomar Akpobome) is also sacked, though Gus (David Jonsson) and Rishi (Sagar Radia) are promoted, with Gus being hired as an assistant to entrepreneur Jesse Bloom.

Where will Industry Season 3 take us?

Obviously, Industry season 3 will see our main characters going in different directions.

Yasmin and Harper will have to adjust to their life away from Pierpoint, as Yasmin rebuilds her life after losing her lover Celeste and her dad. Harper also indulged in some pretty dodgy insider trading in S2, and while she seems to have (largely) gotten away unscathed, it may still come back to bite. Meanwhile, the BBC revealed that Industry’s third season will see Pierpoint focusing their efforts on sustainability and eco-friendliness, as the firm looks to invest in a green energy company.

Who’s in the cast and who is set to join? 

Myha’la Herrold as Harper Stern

‌One of the central characters of Industry, Harper begins Season 1 as one of the young bright things aspiring to secure her place as a permanent employee of Pierpoint & Co, one of London’s most prestigious investment banks. She’s appeared in every episode so far and is a hugely driven, ambitious and competitive member of the graduate intake.

Living out of a hotel for the first few episodes, she often feels alienated and doesn’t fit in but begins to gravitate toward fellow graduate Yasmin and become firm friends. Season 2 sees her hired as an employee at the banking firm, having fallen out badly with Yasmin and becoming increasingly caught up in lies and deceit- which ends badly when she’s found out for insider trading and faking her entire college degree.

‌Where you’ve seen them before:

‌Herrold has also appeared alongside Pete Davidson , Maria Bakalova and Rachel Sennott in Gen Z comedy-horror Bodies Bodies Bodies, which released last year, and this year she’s also appeared in Dumb Money, Black Mirror, and opposite Julia Roberts in Leave the World Behind. Before that, she toured in the cast of The Book of Mormon.

Marisa Abela as Yasmin Kara-Hanani

‌One of the other main faces of the series, Yasmin is also ambitious and comes into the culture of Pierpoint expecting big things. Her parents and others in her life constantly put pressure on her to become successful, yet she still feels like she’s underestimated as a person. A prestigious position would certainly prove she’s talented, but she slowly begins to discover and become repulsed by the highly sexist work culture at Pierpoint, particularly the fact that sexual assault and rape seem to be prevalent with little to nothing done to prevent it.

Befriending Harper early on, the two seem poised to take the company by its horns to change things- but both have simmering ambitions that clash, with Yasmin blaming her fellow graduate for reinforcing the company’s toxicity. Things worsen in Season 2 when she confronts her father about his infidelity and is cut off completely as a result.

Where you’ve seen them before:

Abela starred in the first series of Sky’s political thriller COBRA in which she played the daughter of the Prime Minister (played by Robert Carlyle ), caught up in a drug overdose scandal. Since then, she popped up in Greta Gerwig ’s Barbie as “Teen Talk Barbie”, but her biggest role yet is in the upcoming Back to Black in which she plays soul songstress Amy Winehouse in a biopic of her life.

Harry Lawtey as Robert Spearing

‌Robert is an Oxford graduate, though he comes from a working-class family in Wales and he’s all about creating a new identity for himself. Keen to get away from his past but also unsure of what he wants to be, Robert quietly wants to find validation from others, but on the exterior seems easy-going and up for a party. His life starts falling apart as his excessive lifestyle gets the better of him, and he gets stuck in a rut. Resetting himself after two years of lockdown, Season 2 finds Robert now sober and an ex-party animal, and again tries to find his footing. But without the mask of booze and drugs, his doubts and self-consciousness begin to creep in.

‌Where you’ve seen them before:

‌Lawtey’s other roles include a small part in the Christian Bale led detective drama The Pale Blue Eye and another TV role as Ben, one of the main characters in ITV’s romcom drama You & Me. The next big thing on his radar is an unannounced part in Joker: Folie à Deux sequel to the 2019 comic book movie, where he’ll rub shoulders with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga.

David Jonsson as Gus Sackey

‌Coming from both Oxford and Eton, Gus might be the most ambitious of all the Pierpoint graduates we meet in season 1- he even has plans to end up in Downing Street. Whether he’ll get there is another question, but for now, he’s got to deal with the challenges of fitting into life in the financial sector. He already knew Robert from their Oxford days when they started at the firm, though both have a small rivalry, and he’s got a history with Theo (Will Tudor), another Pierpoint colleague who Gus suspects is manipulating him. During Season 2, he becomes more interested in going to work for Jesse Bloom (Jay Duplass ), a hedge fund manager who capitalised on the pandemic- and eventually, he does so after being hired as an assistant.

Where you’ve seen them before

Jonsson’s other TV roles include the Inspector Morse prequel series Endeavour, and the espionage thriller Deep State. He also appeared in Rye Lane, a rom-com film set in South London, and is set to have a role in Alien: Romulus, the upcoming ninth instalment in the space horror series Alien.

Ken Leung as Eric Tao

‌Eric Tao is the CPS (cross product sales) managing director and one of the most important people that the young grads meet at the company. It’s he who the cohort has to impress with their business acumen skills and sales prowess, and he keeps a keen eye on them. He’s most intrigued by Harper, who he sees serious potential in and over the course of the first season, decides to take her under his wing. However, her methods and overly ambitious nature mean that they often butt heads when Harper does things her way. He finds out that she’s been doing some dodgy insider trading- but it’s her lies about college that finally make him fire her at the end of Season 2.

‌Where you’ve seen them before:

‌Leung is perhaps best known for his role as Miles Straume, one of the characters in the sci-fi series Lost. He’s also appeared in Rush Hour, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Blacklist and Old.

Sarah Parish as Nicole Craig

‌Nicole first appears in Season 1 as one of the clients of Pierpoint. She’s down to business and no-nonsense, but she’s also a problem: she makes sexual advances on first Harper, and later Robert, and seems to delight in finding ways to box young employees into a corner. When confronted by Harper, she doesn’t repent and instead drops her as a business contact. But she’s still valuable to Pierpont, so getting rid of her isn’t easy either, even as Harper and Eric try to expose her. She’s likely to continue to be a thorn in the side in Season 3.

‌Where you’ve seen them before:

Parish has made many appearances across British TV, with roles in Doctor Who, Merlin, W1A, Broadchurch and Inside No. 9, as well as the romcom movie The Holiday.

Kit Harrington as Henry Muck

‌Season 3’s biggest new character is Henry Muck. Muck (one letter away from Musk) is a tech CEO, who runs the company Lumi. He and his firm are driven by creating new, sustainable ways of producing green energy, and looks to Pierpoint for business expansion. With the green tech industry booming, he’s an important asset for the company- and looks to be the major client featured in the new season. The UK government is also looking into green energy and at Muck’s company, so expect the stakes to be raised when he appears.

‌Where you’ve seen them before:

‌Game of Thrones, of course, as Night’s Watch guard Jon Snow and (supposed) son of Ned Stark. Harrington has also been in Eternals, Pompeii, and How To Train Your Dragon, and he played a villain in the video game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He’s also set to reprise his role in a GOT sequel series based around his character, though that’s still in early production.

Sarah Goldberg as Petra Koenig

‌Petra Koenig is the Portfolio Manager of FutureDawn, an “ethical investment fund.” We don’t yet know a huge amount about her character or her company, but from the sounds of it, she’ll be another important factor in Pierpoint’s continued success- especially since “ethical” isn’t exactly how you’d describe the banking firm.

‌Where you’ve seen them before:

‌Goldberg’s most acclaimed and high-profile role to date is as Sally in the HBO dark comedy-drama Barry. Her portrayal as the aspiring and struggling actress who falls into a relationship of sorts with Bill Hader ’s Barry gave her an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

When will Industry Season 3 be released?

The Writer strikes have pushed development back, but filming is currently taking place and Season 3 should be released some time in 2024.

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